The New Council

With the end of the Reaper War, it was agreed by politicians and civilians alike that a new era had been ushered in. With this in mind, the Alliance created a proposal to elect a new council on the grounds of “A new age deserves new and ambitious minds.”. Upon receiving the proposal, The Council was rather bothered. It was at first seen as a complaint from the Alliance that The Council hadn’t done it’s job correctly. Though there were some who definitely believed that, The Alliance assured that this proposal was not created out of animosity. After a few days of debate, The Council agreed to the proposal on the condition that the Alliance would also elect new leaders as well. With that, the former council members stepped down and new leaders were elected.

Therantian Verytis – Newly elected Turian representative. His experience as advisor to Primarch Victus made him the ideal candidate.

Tra’ana Bria – Newly elected Asari representative. Tra’ana served as a prime emissary for Thessia. With that position being only second to the Council, she also seemed to be a rather obvious choice.

Valdlas Anoadril – The election process was a bit more complicated for the Salarians. With the curing of the genophage Sur’Kesh has become an epicenter of political conflict. To the Salarians who were anti-cure demanded that the current Dalatrass take the position, while the pro-cure Salarians demanded against her. As of now the pro-cure Salarians found Valdlas, their side’s most vocal advocate, and after a fierce election, Valdlas barely came out on top.

The Galactic Unity Agreement

The New Council

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