Geth Unit Delta-47056 aka "Sonny"

Kael's Best friend and Co-Pilot


A silver Geth unit with a white eye, decorated with miscellaneous Quarian insignias.


Geth unit Delta-47056 and Kael met shortly after the Reaper War during the rebuilding of Rannoch. During their breaks from work, Kael would show Delta-47056 films of both the classic and modern eras from all races. Once Delta-47056’s interest in films peaked, they were nearly inseparable. When Kael introduced Delta-47056 to the Human classic “I, Robot”, it became the Geth’s favorite since it discussed mysteries of the sentient machine. It was then that Kael gave him the nickname “Sonny”. Sonny greatly appreciates being named after his favorite film character.

Geth Unit Delta-47056 aka "Sonny"

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