Kael'Drazza vas Idenna

Pilot for the PC's team


The quirkiest of Quarians.


A quirky Quarian machinist and pilot born and raised on the lifeship Idenna, Kael’Drazza (or Kael for short) has always been known to be an oddball. Unlike most Quarians, Kael preferred solitude, and because of that, he never really had any friends growing up. He was very inspired by his father, who was a pilot of a scout ship for the Patrol Fleet. When Kael went on his Pilgrimage, he didn’t bring back anything physical, but instead researched the tactical flight patterns and formations of other species (and specifically in the case of the humans, different patterns and formations from history). With this knowledge he educated pilots of warship and lifeship alike, and it was determined by the Admiralty Board that this would be most useful. In the conflict with the Reapers, Kael flew a small fighter in the Heavy Fleet and contributed mostly to the liberation of Rannoch. Then, when the Geth were released from Reaper influence and became sentient, Kael met his first true friend: a Geth unit who would later be dubbed “Sonny” (see Sonny bio for more). Ever since, the two have been nearly inseparable.

Kael'Drazza vas Idenna

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