Urdnot Thesk


Race: Krogan
Class: Krogan Battlemaster 3
Age: 106 (Birthdate 6/6/ 2081)
Height: 7 ft., 3 inch
Weight: 900 lbs.


The only Krogan born from a cluster of 1,000 eggs, Thesk was born and raised on Tuchanka under the watchful eye of Clan Urdnot. He first earned recognition in the clan at the age of 30 for bringing a small clan (Clan Bahgtra) into Clan Urdnot dominion. This contribution to the clan brought him the attention of Urdot Krask, a Krogan Battlemaster who began to mentor Thesk in the ways of the Battlemaster. At the age of 33, Thesk became a full member of Clan Urdnot. According to Thesk, had he had another minute to face the Thresher Maw he would have killed it. While it is unclear if this claim is true, no one dares challenge the young Battlemaster. He pledged allegiance to Urdnot Krask and spent the following 14 years under his tutelage. Within his circle of Clan Urdnot, Thesk became regarded as Krask’s right hand and the apparent successor given his tactical mind and willingness to do anything and everything necessary to further his teacher’s cause. On a mission to expand Urdnot territory into Clan Jurdon, Thesk discovered that Krask had established an alliance with Clan Jurdon: Krask would provide intricate details about Clan Urdnot and once Clan Jurdon eradicated Clan Urdnot, Krask would become Warlord of his own clan. To protect his mentor, Thesk killed his entire squad and then confronted Krask with the information. Krask admitted to everything and offered to give Thesk power in exchange for his loyalty. Thesk agreed and learned every detail of Krask’s plan and even suggested ways to improve providing Clan Jurdon with information on Clan Urdnot. For 3 years Thesk helped assist Krask in selling information to Clan Jurdon, but what Krask didn’t realize was that Thesk was leaving a trail that could be followed back to Krask. Pretending to have stumbled on the data, Thesk confronted Krask in public, exposing him as a traitor to Clan Urdnot. Realizing he had been played, Krask reached for his maul but Thesk had already charged him before he could fully draw it. Floating up in the air, the last thing Krask heard was Thesk pick up his maul and say “you’ve taught me well. That was your first mistake.” Witnesses say Thesk then bashed Krask in the face with his own maul, claiming the weapon as his own upon his mentor’s death. Thesk earned great prestige and recognition for his loyalty to Clan Urdnot and was offered a command position for another leader within the clan but chose instead to leave Tuchanka, believing he had learned all he could at that point from his own people.

In 2128 Thesk traveled to the Citadel where he quickly caught the eye of the Shadow Broker. He served for 40 years as an agent, taking out large targets that required the brute power inherent to a Krogan Battlemaster. The highlight of his career for the Shadow Broker was tracking down the location of an Eclipse Red Sand processing facility. He was ordered to find the location and collect samples so that the information could be sold to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, Thesk did not get the orders until he had already completely taken out the Eclipse Mercenaries guarding the facility and blown up half the facility. He didn’t get paid for the job, but looks on the mission fondly because he was able to take out the entire facility in 26. 35 minutes (a personal best at the time) and experienced the effects of Red Sand for the first time (and paid the price for a week after). He also remembers the mission because he caught the coverage of a Salarian civilian that had been exposed to the effects of Red Sand. He says he laughed so hard he got thrown out of a bar because people were laughing at him for pissing his pants that he started a bar-fight.

After 40 years of service to the Shadow Broker, Thesk decided to do freelance work. This brought him into contact with his first Human, a skilled sniper by the name of Carlos Harerra. They met working a job for competitors, trying to get the business plans for a new Omni-tool mod that was going to be sold soon on the market. They both reached the plans at the same time and prepared to fight to the death when alarms alerted the owner to their presence. The two worked together to get out of the business center and once they were in the clear decided that a partnership could be profitable given their different skill sets that were extremely effective in tandem. Their first job together was selling back the mod plans to the owner and then getting paid by him to take out the people who originally hired Thesk and Carlos. What started as a tense partnership evolved into a 13 year friendship performing a multitude of odd jobs for the rich and powerful of the Citadel. The most memorable job the two performed was helping an Elcor businessman find his rebellious daughter who had been kidnapped and ransomed by Batarian slavers. What’s memorable for Thesk is that the pair quickly dispatched the slavers, but spent so much time arguing over what to do with the daughter that she managed to escape their custody, leading to a massive search in Batarian space for an Elcor who managed to run away from a Krogan Battlemaster and a Human Inflitrator. Carlos and Thesk’s relationship came to an end when a Volus businessman who was slighted by the pair hired a Turian assassin to take them out. Carlos saw the assassin lining up the shot and jumped in front of the shot to save Thesk. In a fit of rage, Thesk charged farther and faster than he had ever done prior to that point that the assassin burst. Carlos died instantly, fueling a red sand addiction for Thesk as he tried to wrap his mind around what possessed Carlos to sacrifice his life for Thesk.

In the year 2184 (3 years after the assassination of Carlos) Thesk received contact from Urdnot Wrex, who was calling all members of Clan Urdnot back to Tuchanka. At this point Thesk knew of Wrex and his reputation and decided to return to his home out of respect for Wrex as a warrior. When Wrex revealed his vision for the Krogan people, Thesk started to feel a sense of patriotism he hadn’t experienced since his time serving under Krask. He also realized that in some circles of the clan his name and his actions for Clan Urdnot still gave him clout. Once he kicked his Red Sand addiction, he fell quickly in line and served Clan Urdnot, specifically by leading a small patrol of 10 other soldiers against Clan Jurdon installations so that Clan Jurdon had no choice but to submit to Clan Urdnot. It was in these campaigns that everything from his old life returned to him, including the aspirations of power he had acquired from Krask. As Clan Urdnot continued to grow, Thesk realized that it if he played his cards right, his service could make him a Warlord within Clan Urdnot. He then made a point of making himself as useful to the clan as possible, earning prestige and trust with Wrex so that one day when Clan Urdnot ruled the Krogan, he would be remembered and awarded properly for his service.

When the Reapers came to Tuchanka, Thesk fell in line and traveled from hotspot to hotspot fighting in the front lines. The most memorable experience of his life was witnessing the cure of the Genophage. With the Genophage cured, Wrex began sending troops to Palaven. Thesk was ordered to help fight alongside the Turians. Thesk obeyed and took his anger towards Turians out on the Reaper forces. He spent the rest of the Reaper Invasion fighting on Palaven. With the Reapers dealt with, Thesk returned to Tuchanka to help in rebuilding and uniting the Krogan people. He has traveled all over Tuchanka bringing clans unwilling to submit to the New Ways to heel along with any other tasks given to him by Wrex. This has also included eradicating loose Cerberus pockets from Tuchanka and ensuring that Reaper forces were removed from Krogan space.

Urdnot Thesk

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