Mass Effect: Rebuilt and Reborn

To Urdnot Thesk

From: Urdnot Wrex
To: Urdnot Thesk
I must say you’ve so far done a damn good job in aiding our cause, it seems by now we Krogan are finally gaining some respect. I’ve sent this message because The New Council wants you for some new thing. They tell me they want to put special ops teams together or something like that, and they made me choose somebody. I must say you were the obvious choice, you’ve got a hell of a quad and I want you to show it off. I know you’ll represent us well. Report to the Citadel Embassy room A105 to meet with your team and receive your mission briefing. And also, I don’t know who your squadmates are, but whoever they are, I ask you to treat them with the respect we want for the Krogan (unless they give you a damn good reason to be smashed). I’ll be in my embassy office if you need anything




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