Mass Effect: Rebuilt and Reborn

To Thorus Ressestian

From: Commander Lantan Demril
To: Thorus Resesstian
First I must say you did a hell of a job back in the Reaper War, and I am honored to know such a soldier. However, there is business to be talked about. In case you haven’t made yourself familiar with the Galactic Unity Act, there is a clause about putting Special Ops teams together. These teams comprise of at least one member of a race and are meant to represent the team that aided The Shepard, and thus work to defend the galaxy from those who would cause harm. That being said, the New Council has asked me to choose someone for the first of these teams. And I have chosen you.
I know you’ve been having some issues since the war, but it’s time to pull yourself together soldier!! You’ve still got so much potential, and I want you to make it happen. Report to the Citadel Embassy room A105 to meet with your team and be briefed on your first assignment, and remind them of what it means to be a Turian.
Commander Lantan Demril



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