Mass Effect: Rebuilt and Reborn

The Adventure So Far

The Story So Far,

It has been 2 years since the Reaper War. Since then, the galaxy has done its best to repair the damages and heal the wounds left from the cataclysm. New alliances have been forged, old grudges forgiven.
Everyone could see that this was the dawn of a new era…
And with the dawn of a new era comes change. In the wake of the deeds of the late great Commander Jericho Shepard, the galaxy deems unanimously that his legacy and memory be preserved. Part of this preservation lies in redefining the way that peace is kept in the galaxy. It has been decided by the new council that the S.P.E.C.T.Re. program is to be abolished, given the history of these agents being given all that power and being left to their own devices, and in its place comes a new special operations team.
These teams commend Shepard’s legacy by being specifically comprised of one member each of a given race (after some debate, these have been allowed to extend beyond council races). These teams will be assigned a ranking officer of the Alliance military as an operations supervisor. Now the first of these teams has been assembled, and thus begins the adventure of…
Session 1:
Each member of the team receives a letter from a superior to report to Council Embassy room A105 for their first mission briefing. Thorus: a Turian, Thesk: a Krogan, and Emma: an Asari, all veterans of the Reaper War. Tensions run high right off the bat as Thorus and Thesk but heads (almost literally), but are interrupted as Captain James Belmont appears to give them their briefing.
The group is sent to Therum to investigate the disappearance of a mining team. Upon landing, the colony appears deserted. However, with further searching the team not only discovers the colonists, but a group of armed men surrounding them. The armed men wore armour that appeared similar to Blue Suns mercenary armour that had been painted black and marked with a different seal. Gunfight ensues, one hostile is brought back with the team for questioning.

Session 2:
The team reports their findings and begin the interrogation of the prisoner, with Thesk taking the violent approach. After badly injuring the prisoner, the team is suddenly fired upon by C-Sec agents after the prisoner utters an unknown phrase. During the gunfire, the prisoner breaks himself free and attempts to escape with biotic abilities. After a rather brief clash, the prisoner is killed. Once the dust clears, tests are done on the strange object that was found on his person. It looks like a shard of glass wrapped in red tissue paper. The tests show that is has the characteristics of a narcotic. Captain Belmont introduces the team to their new members, Kael’Drazza vas Idena: a Quarian machinist/pilot, and his sentient Geth friend who he calls “Sonny”. With Sonny’s help, the team discovers that the unknown phrase spoken by the prisoner was in Norwegian and translated to “The wolf will howl forever”. With the evidence of a new dangerous drug and the appearance of what seem to be rogue mercenaries, the team is directed to go to Omega to meet with Aria T’Loak.



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